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Headline text


Version 1.7.1

This is the latest Development version.

Changes from Version 1.7.0 to 1.7.1

  •  ! Bugfixes with -O3 and DATA statements
  • * Little improvements
  • * Updates README.md and added TESTING.md

Changes from Version 1.6.12 to 1.7.0

  • + Added READ, DATA, RESTORE (finally!)
  • + Allows to call SUBs with no parenthesis (e.g. mySUB 1, 2+a)
  • + Allows to call FUNCTIONS with 1 or no params with no parenthesis
  • + Some bug fixes for better stability

Changes from Version 1.6.11 to 1.6.12

  •  ! Fixes and improves strict mode checking
  • + Adds #error and #warning directives
  • + Adds missing default font (Haplo) for Radastan mode
  •  ! Bugfixes and little improvements

Changes from Version 1.6.10 to 1.6.11

  •  ! Fix infinite recursive include in Windows (yes, win sucks)
  • * Little optimizations in memset and rnd
  • * Standarize file includes like in cpp

Changes from Version 1.6.9 to 1.6.10

  • + Added many more drawing and printing primitives for Radastan Mode
  • + Added instructions ON .. GOTO and ON .. GOSUB
  • + Added UART library (by yomboprime) for serial communication
  •  ! Several bugfixes and minor errors and better stability
  • * Better code generation
  • * Allows array initialization with @label references
  • * Switch .bas libraries (not the compiler) to MIT license

Changes from Version 1.6.8 to 1.6.9

  •  ! Fixes a bug in the peephole (-O3) optimizer
  • + Improved speed for Integer / Unteger operations
  • + Improved speed for Byte / Ubyte operations
  • + Improved speed for some 32 bit operations (Ulong, Long, Fixed)
  • + Improved code speed for -O3 optimized level
  • * Improved travis and bitbucket pipelines CI (cache, added pypy)
  •  ! Fixes and improvements to the ESXDOS library (by @mcleod_ideafix)
  • + Added new ESXDOS sample program (directory tree listing)

Changes from Version 1.6.7 to 1.6.8

  •  ! Fixed some bugs in the assembler
  •  ! Fixed a bug when calling a function in advance
  •  ! Fixed a problem in tox, setting the terminal to UTF-8

Changes from Version 1.6.6 to 1.6.7

  • * Added more testing and bitbucket pipelines using tox
  •  ! Do not optimize user inlined ASM. It must go as is.
  • + Added option --mmap to generate memory maps
  • + Added option --ignore-case to allow variable names to be case insensitive
  •  ! Fixes optimizer bugs
  •  ! Fix to make make it to work in python 2.7
  •  ! Refactorize the assembler to use centralized configuration

Changes from Version 1.6.5 to 1.6.6

  •  ! Fixed a bug in constant evaluation
  •  ! Allows non constant initialization of scalar variables like DIM a$ = "hi"
  •  ! Fix bugs in the assembler not allowing complex expressions
  •  ! Fix a rare crash when using functions before declaring them

Changes in version 1.4.0.xxx

This is a long (near 3 year) set of versions in which the compiler was refactored in many places. The compiler migrated from one-pass no objects compiler to a multiple pass object like compiler. This not only makes the code much more maintainable and elegant, but also a bit faster.

Technical stuff: Now the AST uses an heterogeneous AST pattern, allowing both children traversal using indexes (and also primitives like node.appendChild) and attribute traversal which depends on the symbolTYPE being parsed. e.g. for symbolBINARY (binary expressions), we have node.left, node.right, node.operand, but also node.children[0], node.children[1].

From Version 1.2.9 to 1.3.0

  •  ! Fixed a bug in USR <string>
  •  ! Fixed a bug in SAVE / LOAD
  •  ! Fixed a serious bug in the preprocessor
  •  ! Fixed a bug with DIM and constants
  •  ! Fixed a bug with SHL/SHR for 0 shifts
  • + Added -D option. ZXBASIC now allows commandline macro definition
  •  ! Fixed a bug with CODE and INKEY$
  •  ! Fixed a bug with string slicing assignation (e.g. a$(3) = "x")
  •  ! Fixed a bug with arrays of integer assignation (e.g. a(3) = 5, being a of Integer type)
  •  ! Fixed a bug with peephole optimizer (-O3)
  • * Some changes and code refactorization towards 2.x branch

From Version 1.2.8 to 1.2.9

  •  ! Fixed a serious bug with ALL integer (signed/unsigned) operands which were not working correctly under some circumstances.
  •  ! Fixed some bugs which made the compiler to crash when a syntax error is found.
  •  ! Fixed a bug in ALIGN (assembler)
  • * ZXBasic python version is now PyPy compatible.
  • * RND is now MUCH faster and produces better random patterns (thanks to Britlion)
  • * Compiler speed is now almost 100% faster!
  • * Some code optimization
  • + Added a recursive pattern fill library with an example (thanks to Britlion)
  •  ! Fixed some bugs in the preprocessor which prevented some chars to be written
  •  ! Fixed a bug with PRINT and comma position
  •  ! Fixed a bug in PEEK which was related to the backend
  •  ! Fixed more than 50 other minor bugs in both the compiler and the assmebler
  • * THEN keyword is now optional in IF statements

From Version 1.2.7 to 1.2.8

  • Code rearranged and reestructured for future refactorizations.
  • ! Complete rewritten backend (or almost!) to fix a bug in code
generation which was being suboptimal. Now generated code is
much faster and take less memory than before!
  • + Added support for Bitwise syntax (|, &, ~)
  • ! Fixed some bugs in ASM
  • ! Fixed some bugs in the peephole optimizer (-O3)
  • ! Fixed a bug with line continuation comments /' ...
  • ! Fixed bugs in ASM parser regarding to comments
  • + Added ATTRADDR function in <attrib.bas>
  • ! Many more bugs fixed related to STRING memory leak
  • ! Fixed a bug related to parameters.
  • Some optimizations for code size and speed for FLOAT types
  • Optimization for STRING parameters
  • Optimization for 32 bit values
  • ! Fixed a bug for Uinteger/Integer arrays assignation
  • ! Fixed 2 bugs in CAST operation and type conversion
  • ! Fixed a bug in OVER attribute during PRINT
  • Added PONG game example
  • ! Fixed a bug in POKE
  • ! PRINT optimized and slighty faster. Now fully compatible with
SINCLAIR BASIC (no Out of Screen error on program exit)
  • ! CSRLN and POS optimized to this new PRINT SCHEME!

... and much much more

From Version 1.2.6 to 1.2.7

  • + DRAW is now much faster (and a bit more larger)
  • + PLOT, DRAW and CIRCLE now supports change screen address (for double-buffering)
  • + Added LBOUND() and UBOUND() functions
  • ! Fixed a bug in IF/THEN/ELSEIF/ELSE construct (thanks to LTee)
  • + Added a completely new preprocessor which now support true macros and
better line counting handling. This has been a major change in the compiler.
  • + Added string management library with
UCase(), LCase(), Ucase2(), LCase2(), InStr() and StrPos()
  • ! UDG where not being handled into the Heap, which might lead to program
crash (fixed). This is done only if --sinclair or -Z flag is used.
  • + Added suport for BIN, so BIN 01010101 is also accepted now.
  • ! Fixed a bug with string parameters passed by value (again) not being correctly
free upon return and crashing the program.
  • + BEEP with constant duration and pitch (e.g. BEEP 1, 2) has been
optimized for space (and also slightly faster)
  • + Added Flight Simulator example

From Version 1.2.5 to 1.2.6

  • + Bitwise bAND, bOR, bXOR, bNOT finally added for 8, 16 and 32 bits
  • + The assembler now supports ALIGN <integer> directive
  • + Added support for logical XOR (if A XOR B then...)
  • + Added support for checking out of memory in runtime.
  • + Added support for checking BREAK in runtime (--enable-break)
  • + Added support for Subscript Out of Range in runtime (--debug-memory)
  • + Added support for --strict-boolean (0 or 1) values (--debug-array)
  • + Added suport for 8 bit bitwise bAND, bOR, bXOR, bNOT operations.
  • + Added print64 by Britlion library routine, and Mojon Twins FourSpriter version (more to come).
  •  ! Fixed a bug in RANDOMIZE which wasn't updating the seed correctly.
  •  ! Fixed a pragma typo in POS.bas library wich lead to errors.
  •  ! Fixed a bug in STR$, VAL, CHR$ and CODE which could crash the program.
  •  ! Fixed a bug in string comparison
  •  ! Fixed 2 more bugs in the peephole optimizer (-O3) which could crash the program.
  •  ! Fixed some syntax bugs. PI() and RND() are now allowed.
Calling functions with no parenthesis is either.
  •  ! Fixed a parser bug in which empty WHILE / DO .. LOOP loops crashed the compiler. Fixed.
  •  ! Array access has been optimized for speed. Now faster.
  •  ! For loops have been slightly optimized.
  •  ! MEM_FREE heap routine has been slightly optimized.
  • * The print* intermediate code instructions have been removed and converted to routines.
  • * Lot of code refactoring, and moved to the standard trunk/tag/branches SVN repository scheme.
  • * String expresions now are standarized (like any other data type).
  • * TDD: Begin to create tests cases for the compiler.

From Version 1.2.4 to 1.2.5


  •  ! Under some pathological cases, compiling or assembling will last for exponential time (minutes to hours!), due to a possible bug/misuse of a regular expression. Fixed. Now it takes linear time.
  • + Added support for IXh, IXl, IYh, IYl registers.
  • + Added support for DEFS macro. Now DEFS n, B creates a block of n times byte B
  •  ! Instructions LD A, R and LD R, A where also missing. Fixed.


  •  ! The optimizer -O2 was broken, and contained 3 bugs. Fixed.
  •  ! The optimizer -O3 was broken, and contained more than 15 bugs. It's been almost completely rewritten. Fixed. Now it even tries to optimize ASM users code.
  •  ! The @operator was broken under some circumstances (array accesses and variables). Fixed.
  •  ! The memory heap was also broken almost always when using any string in the program (INKEY$, STR$, CHR$, $ variables). Fixed.
  •  ! Signed LONG division was wrong for positive divisors. Fixed.
  •  ! Byte comparison operators < > = >= <= were sometimes bugged. Fixed.
  •  ! using MOD with Fixed type was unsupported. Fixed. Now MOD used Fixed type.
  •  ! INT(Fixed) was wrong. Fixed.
  •  ! Temporary attributes BOLD and ITALIC were disabled. Now they are back.

From Version 1.2.3 to 1.2.4

  •  ! Detected and fixed potential memory leak when using @operator
  • LOAD/SAVE/VERIFY features added!

From Version 1.2.1 to 1.2.3

This version does several internal code refactoring for better maintenance. So from the outside there are not great improvements..

  •  ! CHR$ and STR$ might not use the HEAP without initializing it first, leading to memory corruption. Fixed. Thanks to britilion.
  • HEAP size can now be set with a command line parameter.
  •  ! DIM with array base was buggy. Fixed.
  •  ! INK 8 and PAPER 8 were being ignored. Now they work.

From Version 1.2.0 to 1.2.1

  •  ! This version just fix a possible memory corruption (reported by Britlion, thanks). But still needs more checking...
  •  ! DIM f% = <value> was not allowed. Now it is.
Programs can now be re-runable without having to LOAD them again once returned to BASIC.
  • Some little improvements on memory organization. Now all user-data (HEAP and VARs) are in a single contiguous block.
This will make possible to implement SAVE "" DATA in the near future so a program can LOAD & SAVE data.

From Version 1.1.9 to 1.2.0

  •  ! Undeclared local variables caused a compiler error. They should just compile (like global ones do). Thanks, LCD.
  •  ! String variables used in string slices where sometimes optimized (ignored). Thanks, LCD, again.
  •  ! ELSEIF constructions were not being compiled correctly. Fixed.

From Version 1.1.7 to 1.1.9

  •  ! Fixed a bug for constant string slicing, so "0909"(A TO B) now works. Thanks to britlion.
  •  ! Expanded grammar to allow something like "0909"(f) or "0909"() which are also allowed in Sinclair Basic. Thanks to britlion.
  •  ! When used expressions like "0909"(f) (like above) might corrupt HEAP memory, leading to a program crash. Fixed. Thanks, britlion
  •  ! Fixed a wrong number conversion (type CAST) from signed integers to floating point numbers which might cause wrong (random) results.
  •  ! '%' suffix was being ignored.
  •  ! Global string variables were not optimized unless declared with '$' suffix. Fixed.

From Version 1.1.4 to 1.1.7

  • + Added the ELSEIF construct to the IF THEN ELSE sentence
  • + Added more optimizations in some jumps
  • + Added the USR function (both for Strings and Floats). Yes, you can now use USR "a" to get the address of the UDG table (instead of PEEK Uinteger 23675), and also can do RANDOMIZE USR 40000 (if you want to call a legacy machine-code routine; other than that it's useless).
  • Optimized some print string generated code (now it's smaller)
  •  ! Fixed many optimization bugs (almost five). Thanks to LCD
  •  ! Fixed ChangeLog file
  • - Internal refactored code (somewhat)
  •  ! BOLD and ITALIC could not be used as permament attributes, only as temporary ones. Now they are allowed as permament.
  • Some more syntax compatibility with Sinclair BASIC. Expressions like F$(5), F$() or F$(TO) are now allowed. So expressions like PRINT ;;; are.
  •  ! single PRINT sentences were not working (they should print a newline).
  • Minor grammar corrections.
  •  ! Using a suffix like '$' in a function declaration was being ignored. Now this also works ok.
  • + Added suport for PRINT , (Thanks to britlion and LCD for the suggestions and bug detection)
  • Fixed a potential optimization bug for SHR and SHL

From Version 1.1.1 to 1.1.4

  • + The peephole optimizer has been enabled and seems to be working reasonably well (use -O3 for higher optimization).
  •  ! When a DIV BY ZERO error occurs with floating point numbers the program crashes and resets the computer. This behaviour has been fixed and now returns 0 value and sets the error code 6 (Number Too big) in the ERR_NR system variable.
  • Refactorization of the assembler and compiler so they now shared the OPTIONS in a better way (still to be finished). This makes easier to program future compiler options. Now also --debug flag is additive, showing more verbosity the more it is used.
  • + Memory optimization: The PRINT routine (which is about 1K) is not included if not USED.
  •  ! Fixed a bug in negative constant integer typecasting (Thanks to LCD at WOS for reporting it! ). It was causing decremental FOR..NEXT to fail.
  •  ! Scientific notation numbers (e.g. 2e10) were not correctly parsed. Fixed. Thanks again to LCD.
  • + Added TAB compatibility for the PRINT command (both as a command and as a CHR$ control character).
  • PRINT code optimized for size, maintaining speed.

From Version 1.1.0 to 1.1.1

  •  !Fixed a bug in CONTINUE DO which was not being correctly compiled
  • +PRINT routines were included even when neither PRINT nor drawing primitives were used. Optimized.
  •  ! Fixed a lot of syntax error checkings with array operations.
  •  ! Fixed array dimension checking
  • + Expanded syntax: Direct array assignation a = b (being a and b arrays of thes same type an size)
  •  ! Fixes an error exception on syntax error for array subscripting.
  • * Changed alloc functions to match the FreeBasic names.
  • * Using a wrong sigil in array declaration is now forbidden.
  • * Better sigils (suffixes) types managements at DIM declarations.
  • * Lot of internal source code refactoring
  • + DIM r AT @a(k0, k1, ...) is allowed (k0, k1, ... constants)
  •  ! Fixed a bug for local variables and parameters when the offset is very large (> 128)
  • + Enabled the --sinclair flag for automatic sinclair libraries inclusion
  • + Added SetAttr routine whichs changes the attribute of screen coordinate (I, J) with the given color attr value.
  •  ! Fixed a buggy modu16 modi16 implementation that was not compiling correctly
  • * Output asm code is now slightly optimized (for speed an memory)
  •  ! Fixed a bug in intenger parameters (16 and 32 bits)
  •  ! Fixed a compiler crash when using arrays of Fixed Point numbers

From Version 1.0.9 to 1.1.0

  • SCREEN$ coordinated were swapped. Fixed.
  • DIM .. AT was not correctly working with local vars nor params. Fixed.
  • Added BOLD "attribute".
    PRINT BOLD 1; "Hello"
  • Added ITALIC "attribute".
    PRINT ITALIC 1; "Hello"
  • Added malloc, free and realloc functions to work with the heap
  • Some code rearrangement
  • The IFDEF directive was not working in the preprocessor. Fixed.

From Version 1.0.8 to 1.0.9

  • Fixed a bug which could crash the program if no memory
  • Added better error handler for parameter declaration
  • Added UCase function
  • Added Lcase and fixed ucase to be case insensitive
  • Added MultiKeys Function (similar to FREEBASIC) so multiple keys can be checked at once
  • Added GetKeyScanCodes
  • Added HEX and HEX16 functions to return HEXadecimal string representation of numbers
  • Fixed a bug when a$(n TO) was specified
  • Optimization: Remove unnecessary jumps at function returns.
  • store16 now generates a more efficient backend (Z80 ASM) code.
  • Added alias for arrays. Now you can declare:
DIM a(10)
DIM c at @a
  • Better code generation for STORE32 and STOREF backend
  • Optimized constant array assignation as a direct store.
  • Added constant array Read access optimizations

From Version 1.0.7 to 1.0.8

  • Fixed a bug in the PRINT command when printing floating point numbers due to a Spectrum ROM Bug. The temporary attribute were not being used.
  • Fixed a bug in the STR$ function that made the program to freeze and also clears the temporary attributes (related to the ROM bug as above).
  • Fixed a bug in the assembler which, sometimes won't assemble if #init directives were used. Also some code clean up.
  • Now you can enter ink/paper codes and graphic characters ala BASIN (read below)
  • Added shift bit instructions (SHL, SHR)

About the spectrum ROM bug. The original STR$ Basic function clean up the temporary attributes. Try this in your ZX Spectrum:

 10 PRINT PAPER 2; STR$(0)

The bug causes that PAPER 2 has no effect (you should see a "0" over a red background). ZX Basic workaround this bug now.

To enter an UDG character like "A" type \A. For example:

PRINT "\a": REM This will print UDG "A" 

The numeric graphics characters can be obtained using the backslash (as above) followed by two punctuation characters. These ones are: [ ] ['] [:] and [.] characters. Each dot represents a square in the graphic character. Try this:

 10 PRINT "\  \::\:'\:.\..\'."