Today was the Annular Eclipse. Since I was at work, just had a little moment to watch it. Here, in the Canaries, it was a partial one, and happened near 10:00 a.m., local time.

A friend of mine, Khertz could watch it for longer, and have posted interesting info about it (Spanish only).

Khertz is a member of the Urania Astronomical Assotiation of Tenerife. In that web, he’s published several pictures of the event. I encourage you have a look on them. They’re really nice.

During the event, in the Cosmos Museum of La Laguna, there was an online connection with a group of Valencia, where the phenomena could be seen in all it’s splendor (annular).

  1. Hola Jose!
    Ujule… yo ni sabia que hubo un Eclipse Solar…
    Se nota que veo las noticias mucho verdad?

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  2. stop watching the stars (i.e. sun) and code !! (xspf ver 2.0) ­čśÇ

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