New design

I like to change from time to time, and didn’t like my previous design very much (in brief, previous layouts will be available to readers thought Theme Switcher, anyway), perhaps because I wasn’t able to get a suitable font and colors scheme, and found it a bit difficult to maintain.

I’ve entitled it Boriel Simple, and it is based on the GPL theme Jentri by Phy Ly.

Basically it uses the same skeleton. Most changes applies on the style sheet.

  1. Vaya ­čśÉ

    Pues es lo que se destila ahora: temas simples y fáciles de mantener.

    De todas maneras en breve pondr├ę el Selector de temas (Theme switcher), para que los lectores elijan el que m├ís les plazca.

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  2. Hola,
    Pues sinceramente me gustaba más el anterior.
    Sobre todo porque no consigo acostumbrarme a tener los menús a la derecha, me resultan más fáciles de ver a la izquierda

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