Brokeback Mountain

I went to see it more than two weeks ago, but due to problems with my DSL and my Internet Provider, I couldn’t almost update my blog.

I have to admit I went to see the film with some preconception in mind (western cowboys, a gay movie and so on). But I think I did with as much prejudice as many other people. Prejudice which went away completely after about quarter an hour. If you’re expecting to see hard scenes, you will feel it quite boring. In fact, some people found it a bit slow.

I simply felt it was a story about two people who loves each other.

Synopsis: Brokeback mountain, by Ang Lee, tells a story about two unemployed cowboys, Ennis del mar (Heart Ledger, who also playedThe Grimm Brothers and The Patriot) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal, whom I always seen on a supporting role, like in The Good Girl) who are hired to work in the underground by a livestock farmer to look after his sheeps in Brokeback mountain (a place where it’s forbidden to do it, by the way).

As long as days pass and weather conditions becomes harder, the both share more time together, which makes that, from having almost no communication at all, they slowly start a friendship.

Then, suddenly, one night, true feelings appear between them.
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Nevertheless, the works ends, and they both say goodbye to the other, hiding their true feelings. Four long years pass: Ennis gets married (the actress is also his wife in the real life), and has two daugthers. Jack, meanwhile, keeps on trying rodeo-riding, with not much luck, until he mets a girl, with whom he will got married and have also a son.

One day, plunged into his boring life, Ennis receives a postcard from Jack, telling he’s going to visit him. The reunion not only will bring them past memories, but also will make, in a turbulent manner, their respective feelings to come back. Love wasn’t dead.
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  1. Hind, la verdad es que es un poco triste 🙁 pero teniendo en cuenta que está ambientada en el sur de EE.UU. entre los años ’60 y ’80, me parece bastante consecuente.

    Afortunadamente las cosas cambian. También hubo algún momento un poco fuerte. Pero aún así me gustó.

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  2. mencanto la pelicula ,me namore de ella com una loca

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  3. Yes, that’s the point:
    This is not acceptance. This is just feeling sorry and having compassion about it.

    But I guess it’s the only way the film could be somewhat accepted in the U.S.A.

    It’s so from the XX century! 😐

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  4. “Our society […] still need to kill an homosexual to accept it”

    a very intelligent synopsis Boriel! 💡
    I liked the movie, but this part is really very typical. like in old american action movies, where there is allways an african-american along with the “good heros”, but has to die before the story ends …

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