Do you feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of news you get from the internet? How to keep up to date without getting flooded?

If you want to be up to date with this blog (and many others) entries without having to visit them everyday then RSS is for you.

RSS is a sindication protocol. It’s basically an electronic news agency. This site has the RSS protocol already enabled. There are many news sindication applications. Among them, my favourite is, by far, Mozilla Firefox, with the InfoRSS extension.


Once installed the extension, restart Firefox, and the sindication bar will appear at the bottom. Click on the bar icon (as shown above) and, if the site (like this one) has the RSS protocol enabled, the option to aggregate the feed will appear on the pop up menu. Once you do it, you’ll be permanently up to date with the latest news, and you won’t need to visit the aggegated sited so often.


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