I realized almost by chance, 2 days ago: It seems my web content is not being indexed by Google, nor Technorati, nor MSN Search not Yahoo search. I’ve got a bit alarmed because these last 18 days (since May 20th) this web has not been indexed for the most of search engines… ūüôĀ

Since I don’t use robots.txt I only could think either it’s because of a plugin I’ve recently installed or the cause is beyond my control (not directly related to me), but it’s affecting me anyway. I’m suspecting of WP-HashCash plugin I installed the same day I wrote Bye Bye, Captcha!. It was just this day my site stop being indexed (the mentioned post was written just after installing this plugin and has not been indexed either). In fact, WP-HashCash is in charge of getting spam bots away using JavaScript, and I suspect such javascript might be interferring other spider bots in some way.

The other suspected plugin is Kramer which I also installed by that time, though it’s less likely it is the one cousing troubles. I’ve momentarily disabled both to see what happens.

If someone has a clue, please don’t hesitate to tell.

Update: (12:07 – Jun 09th) I’ve disabled almost every plugin in my system and then pinged Technorati (its support service told me their web spiders couldn’t access my site for some reason). It seems I’m now indexed! The problem now is I don’t know thich plugin was causing troubles (supposing it was one of them). :(Will keep investigating…

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