So… Well… This blog was born on a day like this, exactly one year ago.

Many things have happened, it’s undergone many changes, even in some moments it’s been about to dissappear. But here it is…

And for many years, I hope. Who knows what the future will bring us?
I’ve enjoyed very much sharing things and developing plugins (I have to admit sometimes I felt overwhelmed), but, in general, it did worth the hassle. šŸ˜‰

Currently I’m attenting other proyects, and have not enought time to post in this blog. In brief I will publish the picts of my 2nd travel to Madrid and Toledo. I really enjoyed there!

  1. Felicidades!!!
    Me mude de California por dos anos. Todavia estoy desempacando cajas.

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  2. Gracias, aunque el cumpleaƱos es el del blog, no el mĆ­o (que es hoy, ver el post de este dĆ­a) šŸ˜€ Me lo tomarĆ© como una felicitaciĆ³n igualmente.

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  3. Pues cumpleaƱos felizz…cum…..etc etc etc

    Felicidades šŸ˜€ angelote


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  4. CumpleaaaaƱos feeeeliz, CumpleaaaaƱos feeeeliz
    Te deseeeeaamos tooodooos;
    CumpleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaƱos feeeeliz.

    Feliz feliz en tu dƭaaaaaaa, amiguito que Dios te bendigaaaaa, que reine la paz en tu dƭaaaaaa, y que cumplas muuuuuchos mƔaaaaaaaaaas

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