This tip will work (or should do) for any Debian-based distro, including Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

First of all, you have to install Firefox 2.0. At the moment of posting this, the Ubuntu package has not been released yet, so you should go to download a.gz file from here, although I got an optimized version, Swiftfox, for which there exists a Debian package (Ubuntu & Kubuntu compatible) you can download from here.

Once this file is downloaded, open a console and chdir to the directory where you stored the file, and type:

sudo dpkg -i swiftfox_2.0-1_pentium4.deb

Remember the .deb filename depends on which one you got (e.g. I got a different one, because mi CPU is an Athlon XP). If you are using Debian (not Ubuntu/Kubuntu) the previous command must be executed as superuser (root).

Once firefox is updated, execute it (our profile will be updated to Firefox 2.0). According to my tests, Firefox 1.5 and Firefox 2.0 can coexist with no problem at all in the same system, but it’s recommended that once you start using Firefox 2.0 you don’t use older Firefox releases anymore.

Then we go to Adobe beta products web (final release of FlashPlayer 9 for linux has not been released yet, but to me it worked perfectly and with synchronized sound) and download the Linux plugin.

Once downloaded, untar it in the console by typing:

tar -vxzf FP9_plugin_beta_101806.tar.gz

Then copy the file to the firefox system plugin directory:

sudo cp flash-player-plugin- /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins

After this, restart Firefox, and check you can, for example, watch videos at Youtube.

Enabling sound under Firefox

Firefox can go mute because it does not use Alsa OSS emulation by default. Open the file
/etc/firefox/firefoxrc and make sure there’s a line which reads:

This should be enough.

  1. Jesu, en efecto, usa java, y no tiene mucho que ver con esto.

    Lo curioso es que yo tenía sonido en Java hasta hace poco y acabo de probarlo y tampoco lo tengo.
    He leído que en el archivo /etc/firefox/firefoxrc, hay quien ha cambiado la linea que pone FIREFOX_DSP=’none’ por FIREFOX_DSP=’aoss’ y le ha funcionado (a mi no me ha hecho nada, y la he vuelto a dejar como estaba).

    Si encuentro más info te aviso. De hecho, si se oye el flash, el sonido con firefox está bien configurado.

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  2. Hola, yo tenia firefox 1.5, y el sonido me iva perfectamente, pero fue al instalar firefox 2 cuando dejaron de sonar los sonidos en firefox, hice lo que has dicho, y el sonido vuelve a funcionar, pero cuando es algo como por ejemplo el pool de yahoo (que esta en java creo, no se si eso sera flash, no entiendo de eso), pues el sonido no funciona, no lo entiendo, he buscado más info por ahi, pero no dicen nada más, espero que puedas ayudarme.


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  3. necesito sonido en mi computadora

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    gracias y un saludo!!

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    I disabled it in favour of a better system (in my opinion). Read the first line of Captcha! page, to understand why.

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