Merry CRASH…mas!

During these days of consumerism, one of the most announced stuff are videogames. Walking by a department stores, I bumped into this nice screen, which reminds me why I don’t think of Windows as a good videogame platform….
In this case, it’s a version of the Need For Speed Carbon game.

I do still preferring videoconsoles. Wii’s still sold out.

  1. Where is the WordPress Captcha?

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  2. #1 Kenny, of course new computers, mainly Dual Cores are really powerful machines, but Xbox360 & Playstation 3 are machines designed for gaming, and are very optimized for this task. In fact Xbox 360 and PS3 are multiprocessor machines, they might overcome PC performance under some circumnstances (gaming).

    PC are general-purpose machines, have many differente hardware configurations (depends on the machine) and it’s rather hard to test a software against them. The SO tries to make this easier, but it’s a heavy software layer 🙁

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  3. Oh sorry…I was searching a preview of your captcha plugin…so I thought you also have it activate… 😉

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  4. 😉

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  5. First of had to say thanks for the MP3 player plug in- I have downloaded it to add to my own blog later- I have been looking for something like this.
    Like your blog will need to spend some time reading over more of it- very diverse :mrgreen: .

    Have to say not entirely in agreemnet on your observations on the use of Windows as a games platform- yes it has its flaws, and obviously it wasn’t designed from the ground up as a games platform but it does do better stuff than many consoles- the graphics are arguably better, you get bigger multiplayer games on PC (I am a BF”/2414 nutter myself), but then you do I agree see more crashes. I have various consoles- Xbox, Xbox360, Nintendo GameCube, Ds, PSP (yep we are a bit games nut sin our house) and recently there have been impressive releases on the Xbox360- which in 1080 HiDef is mightily impressive- Love Gears of War and Rainbow 6 Vegas- but then again some crap out there too- Quake 4 good game spoiled by Spectrum ZX like load times!

    Keep up the good blogging- wil be adding you to my blog roll 😀 😀 😀

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