What matters in the end

I walked by the calm path, until I reached a clearing in which there was a lake. A faint light sorrounded everything and there it was the answer to some of the question I’ve always been asking to myself.

“What does really matters?”– I though insistently.

Then there was a brief silence, like the calm before the storm, and I feared having done something wrong. But the storm arrived, in the form of sensations. Then an inner voice answered:

Many times, we look for happiness on external things. Paradoxically, that search for happines usually brings much more unhappiness, so you should make balance to see if it’s worth the hassle. However, on the other hand, sometimes and unexpectedly, you bump into people with whom you share happy moments. They’re free moments, you didn’t have to struggle to reach them.

There was a little pause. It was looking into my memories… I felt an odd tickling. And then it continued:

Meeting accidentally your friends when going back home, having a beer and chatting with them; going out to the cinema or
having dinner on New Years’ Eve talking about simple things, together. Sharing a little nice time together and enjoying it so you forget about your problems for a while living only in the present. Keeping that moment, that instant and what it means, with you, in your memory…
That’s what really matters in the end…

And then I walked all the way back, bringing that answer with me…


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