Finally it’s over.
I officially finished the final project for my carreer. The project topic was related to parallelism, and it was entited “Dynamic Data Structures on Shared Memory. An implementation with OpenMP”. So I finally have a degree of Bachelor of Science on Computer Sciences, and avoid the horrible university studies plan about to enter in the next two years here, in Spain (which, in my opinion, degrade the level of knowledge).

A friend of mine, Khertz, came to the lecture and took this pic.

Lecture announce / Anuncio de la defensa

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  2. Muchas felicidades. Esto es algo que había estado esperando desde que te conocí, así que no podía perderme el asistir a la defensa. Sin duda esta era la piedra en el zapato, sin la que ahora, podrás caminar cómodamente a un futuro mejor. Nuevamente, muchas felicidades, a tí y a tu directora de proyecto, que bien que se lo merece también. :mrgreen:

    Un saludo.

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  3. Pls. give me some idea regarding Captcha..

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