Last Friday, I attended a talk by Eduard Punset a Spanish ex-politician and, currently, a notable popularizer of science, who presents a TV program called Redes (networks). He came to Tenerife to talk about “Happiness during time of crisis“.

I recorded a short video during the talk (only in Spanish, sorry):

One of his witty phrases was: “With these spotlights I cannot see you. I feel like the metaphor of a politician: I’m up here, completely enlightened, and on the other hand, I cannot see you” 😉

The talk was really nice, and I could get his book autographed:
Eduard Punset & me

Update: You can view all the Redes episodes online in this channel: http://smartplanet.blip.tv/

  1. Hola, Silvia

    El mejor sitio para contactar con Punset es la web de él y su equipog, que está en: http://www.eduardpunset.es/

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  2. buenos dias.Quisiera conocer una direcccion donde escribir en modo directo al sr Punset,un mail.
    Admiro su interes por divulgar tematicas que hacen a la evolucion del hombre y su capacidad de ampliar horizontes
    gracias desde ya

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  3. Lástima que no pude ir.
    Desde luego que admiro su labor, pero lo considero mucho mejor orador que escritor.
    Sus libros me cuestan un poco, mientras que en su parlamento es mucho más conciso y pedagógico, a mi entender.

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