Changes abroad

If you enter this site from time to time you have surely noticed I don’t post very often. Even more, post are short, rather uninteresting and sparse.

The reason is that maintaining this blog bilingual takes considerable time and effort, and I’m a really busy person nowadays. Even more, since Spanish is my mother tongue, I can’t use richer expressions in Spanish because I find them hard to translate into English. 🙁

For this reason, from now on, this blog, although still being bilingual, will contain many Spanish-only post (some of them already published, by the way, because they were related to domestic matters), with an option for automatic translation (using Google translator, for example).

Only post which I found easy to translate into English (e.g. computer science related post) will be translated by myself.

Other changes abroad: I’m changing my site to make it more useable. I don’t like current site design and think it must be changed.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for your understanding. 😉

  1. Gracias, pachuli.

    Lo cierto es que estos días me ha sido imposible terminar con las “obras de reforma” del blog. A ver si aprovecho el descanso de navidades. 🙂 Especialmente las traducciones de la plantilla.

    Feliz navidad a tí también. Un abrazo. 😉

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  2. Me he pasado por aquí y veo que estás “pintando las paredes”.

    De momento, está todo muy cuco. Quizás falte un toque de color en la cabecera, para que se note el rebelde que hay dentro de ti.

    Por cierto, hay ciertas cadenas que en la versión “apañola” aparecen en inglés (Lang, No comment, Add your comment, etc).

    Y ya que estoy… feliz navidad por adelantado.

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